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About Holly-Marie

Welcome to my private practice, where I am dedicated to helping women cultivate healthy relationships and break free from patterns of dysfunctional connections --whether at work, at home or within the family. My therapeutic approach is rooted in a deep understanding of historical and intergenerational trauma, recognizing that our past experiences often shape our present behaviors and emotions.


As a person of Native American lineage (Ihanktonwan Dakota Sioux) I know something about realizing you are in relationship with someone who repeatedly abuses your self worth and your trust.  My  experience and training informs my ability to address concerns that often co-exist in this type of situation such as:

racism, marginalization, identity confusion, objectification, sexism, verbal/sexual abuse, emotional neglect and low self-esteem.

In our sessions, we'll work together to tap into your intuition, through

several modalities, mainly Internal Family Systems, dreams and

Mindfulness, which allow you to gain insight into your emotions and

behaviors. This self-awareness is a powerful tool in the process of

healing and transformation. My goal is to assist you in restoring your

ability to recognize your inherent worth and value.

Through our therapeutic journey, my aim is for you to feel more

connected - both to yourself and to those around you. Together,

we will navigate the complexities of your personal experiences and

empower you to build healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Your path

to healing and growth starts here, in a safe and supportive space

where your well-being is the priority.

Click one of the icons below to connect with me.

Credentials and Experience

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington state, license

LH 60923793 and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional by the

International Association of Trauma Professionals. I have a Bachelor's degree in

Psychology with an emphasis on Family Studies and a Master's

degree in Counseling Psychology. I have additional education,

training and experience in creative or expressive art therapies. 

(See examples below.) I am a member of Washington State and

American  Mental Health Counselors Association.

I have 8 years experience as a Therapist working in various settings

and 10 years in the social services field. I am happy to discuss my experience further with you by telehealth consultation. Click one of the icons below to schedule with me.



Tipi by the river
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Creative and Expressive Art Therapy Work

I love incorporating intuitive and expressive art therapies into the work I do with clients. You do not have to be an artist to experience benefit.  Everyone is not comfortable with this, and that's completely fine. But, if it's something you would like to try, you might find the deceptively simple techniques can reveal deep levels of psyche that are sometimes hard to approach through talk therapy. Most of my clients have found that engaging in this type of therapy provides new personal insights and feelings of hope and relaxation.

Below are a few samples of my own intuitive and expressive art work. 

Expressive Art Therapy--Collage

Comfort for Sorrow--Intuitive collage

A collage of images drawing upon comforting memories and hopeful symbols.

Expressive Art Therapy--Intuitive Scribble Art

Medium --Intuitive Scribble Art

An image I received while inquiring about a colleague's experience while counseling adolescents after a near tragedy.

Expressive Art Therapy--Waterfall

Waterfall--Intuitive Art

An image I received while holding a question about my health.

Expressive Art Therapy--Intuitive Scribble

Cyclone--Intuitive Scribble Art

An image I received while sorting through conflict with a family member.

Expressive Art Therapy--collage

Intuitive collage--The Gates of Freedom

An image I created while processing an interview with a colleague.

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